David Suchet in the Footsteps of St.Peter

2 x 60 mins - BBC1

Nominated - Premier Award - Sandford St.Martin Awards 2015

Nominated - Radio Times Readers Award - Sandford St.Martin Awards 2015

Jury Stage - BAFTA Craft Awards Photography: Factual 2016

Series Producer, Director, Writer, 2nd Camera

Actor David Suchet goes in search of one of the most puzzling characters in history - the man we know today as Saint Peter. Uncovering fragments of tradition and half-whispered traces of Peter's life, Suchet reveals the real person hidden within the New Testament stories. 

Beside the Sea of Galilee, he investigates Peter's early life as a fisherman and asks why it was that Peter chose to join forces with Jesus - a man so clearly on a collision course with Rome.

According to the New Testament, it is Peter who takes charge of the movement after the death of Jesus. But how could a man who had previously been painted as an impetuous and confused character fill the shoes of such a charismatic leader? And is there any evidence that Peter was eventually martyred in Rome as the first pope of the Roman Catholic church?

Shot in Israel, Turkey and Rome David is very much an actor in search of a character - using the same skills and training he has learnt throughout his career to really get under the skin of a man who helped to change the course of world history.


Production Company: CTVC

Presenter: David Suchet

Composer: Howard Davidson

Sound: Tim Watts

Camera: Lawrence Gardner

Editors: McDonald Brown, Simon Greenwood

Executive Producer: Ray Bruce

Commissioning Editor: Aaqil Ahmed