Mad Labs

20 X 30 mins - National Geographic (Cineflix)

Producer / Director

First make them laugh, then make them think. Narrated by David Baddiel, Mad Labs sets out to prove that even the wackiest scientific ideas can change the world. This major HD series was shot around the globe with major contributions from across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

I was Series Director on this project and instrumental in setting the style of the series. As well as shooting many of the stories myself I also oversaw a team of directors and writers and guided the programmes through edit.

Each episode featured location reports, studio elements (shot in an old East London waterworks) and animated sequences.

Particularly challenging on this project was that the series was a co-production with Cineflix’s Canadian parent company. This meant that a proportion of the staff, the equipment and the post-production facilities had to be Canadian. The online editors and Executive Producer were based in Montreal so there needed to be very effective liason between us all to manage the series successfully.