Sacred Wonders of Britain

3 x 60 mins- BBC2

"The programme was equally unafraid to be informative and meditative, which made it rather wonderful." The Guardian 

RTS Awards 2014 - Nominated - Best Factual Series

Series Producer, Director, Writer, 2nd Camera

Neil Oliver in search of the Sacred Wonders of Britain. The story of how our island has been shaped by belief - from the earliest animistic images carved into cave walls at the end of the Ice Age through to Henry VIII's Reformation of the Roman Church in the 16th Century. What was it about Britain's rich and varied landscape that inspired our ancestors to reflect their beliefs by reshaping the world around them? What did they see in our countryside that led them to deem some places more sacred than others and why are we still drawn back to these special places today?

From the heart of our cities to the remotest of islands Neil's journey reveals an ancient ritualistic landscape that lies hidden just below the surface of the modern world.

When I came onboard the project we were without a presenter so as Series Producer I suggested and cast Neil for the role. I also directed the first episode and set the series style, using two cameras for the interviews to give the programmes a different look and feel from Neil’s previous BBC History series. The use of drone footage merged with CGI allowed us to dramatically reconstruct the landscape of the past.


Production Company: BBC Specialist Factual

Presenter: Neil Oliver

Composer: Ty Unwin

Sound: Tim Watts

Camera: Lawrence Gardner

Editors: Nigel Warbrick, Mike Bolsover, James Marson,

Daren Tiley

Executive Producer: Mike Smith

Commissioning Editor: Aaqil Ahmed