Star Date:Comet Impact

2 x 30 mins - BBC1 & BBC2 (Screenhouse)

Producer/ Director

On the 4th July 2005 deliberately crashed a probe into comet Tempel 1 at a speed of 37,000 kilometres per hour. The aim, to eject a huge plume of material into space from blow the comet’s surface.

We were at mission headquarters in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena to capture the moment. We then edited through the night to put together the first of two programmes that was beamed back by satellite for the following mornings transmission on BBC1. The update on BBC2 later that evening brought in a very healthy 2.1 million viewers.

The two programme presenters, astronomer Dr Lucie Green and particle physicist Dr Brian Cox, were both scientists rather than professional presenters and a delight to work with.