What Would Happen If?

10 x 30 mins - National Geographic (Original Productions)

Producer / Director

Answering those tricky science questions in a down to earth sort of way this series was all about the type of experiments you could probably do at home ... if you were daft enough.

 Jem Stansfield and Chris Hill are a natural double act - old friends who run a very successful science prop building business for TV. I’d seen them in action in their workshop, where they are constantly bouncing ideas and mad theories off each other. This series gave me the chance to try and capture that spirit and put it to work to explain what happens if ...? In the first clip they tackle the tricky problem of how to play winter sports in the summer!

 In the second clip Chemist, and amateur actor, Mike Bullivant takes on the role of a short order chef with a difference - revealing how to tackle fundamental science in the kitchen.

 Who would have thought you could calculate the speed of light with a microwave and a plate of cheese. Of course you could also do it with grated chocolate - but Mike’s a traditionalist!